Modern Containerization…WAIT but that is not all!

Modern Containerization Essentials
for Modern Deployment


  • Thousands of containers per node
  • Scale to zero
  • Small footprint
  • True ephemerality


  • >100x faster microservice start
  • Consistently fast; no pre-warming

OpEx Savings

  • Up to 10x less hardware
  • Simpler DevOps
  • No idle microservice waste


  • Per-instance VM isolation
  • Reduced attack surface
  • Small footprint
  • Fresh kontainer at every invocation

Developer Efficiency

  • Industry standard format
  • Toolchain compatibility
  • Design for scale, security, savings

WAIT but that is not all!

  • CRI-compatible runtime for Docker and K8s
  • Coexists with regular containers
  • Runs in standard Kubernetes
  • Deploys alongside regular containers & K8s pods
  • Easy deployment to public cloud
  • Unchanged developer workflow
  • Unchanged CI/CD pipelines & DevOps tooling
  • Run existing containers in Kontain VM