Use Case Showcase

Use Case Showcase

Tiny attack surface and small blast radius reduce security vulnerability

Kontainers offer the ultimate in efficiency and scalability — but enterprises turn to us most for our unprecedented security.

Security – Log4Shell

The most famous zero-day attack of late is Log4Shell. A bug in a program called Log4j, used in countless numbers of Java applications built over the last two decades, forced every company doing business on the internet to scrutinize their software to determine their vulnerability. The code Log4Shell needs to successfully penetrate your network isn’t present in kontainers — and this is true of many other zero-day exploits.

Don’t wait for the next zero-day to sting you. With kontainers, you lose the fat attack surfaces and reduce the blast radius.



Run existing containers in Kontain Free

  • Isolates each container instance in a private VM
  • Partially reduces attach surface, blast radius
  • Protects against container escape

Convert vanilla container to Kontainers

  • Much smaller artifacts
  • Fully reduces attack surface & blast radius

Optimize app architecture & DevOps practices

  • Take advantage of instant cold start
  • Designed for ephemerality
  • Improves UX via faster app responsiveness
  • Faster and easier DevOps scaling
  • Reduced attack surface
  • Lower OpEx, lower carbon footprint