Accelerate AI Deployment and Development

The latency and inefficiency inherent in developing and deploying LLMs and other ML apps are painful. Time to market is held back by inefficient utilization of both data/ML engineers and hardware. Model development is slowed by forced idle time, inferencing endpoints are unprofitable, and there isn’t nearly enough hardware (especially GPUs) to fulfill demand. infrastructure software solutions:

  • Dramatically improve the performance, scalability, efficiency, and profitability of AI inferencing
    • >10x faster inferencing without wasting money on idle resources
  • Accelerate model development, boost developer productivity and speed time to value
    • Significantly faster ML model validation and hyperparameter tuning via instant GPU/CPU workload start
  • Deliver more results from scarce AI hardware
  • Reduce AI ops power consumption

Built upon an internationally patented platform, solutions are effortless to use, are compatible with all languages and toolchains, and require no special source code.

If your organization develops or deploys LLMs and other ML solutions, you need to increase the throughput of limited developer and hardware resources, and you want to harvest the most from your AI efforts, we would like to partner with you.

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